The New Wire-Free, Radio Fire System is a unique alternative to the costs, potential damage and business
disruption associated with installing Fire Systems in existing buildings. And an ideal solution for retrofit and refurbishment applications in small to medium sized enterprises.

Interconnection of the various Fire System components including detectors,
manual call points, sounders and control panels, which has traditionally been done in electrical cabling can now be done with wire-free radio. Installing
cables in existing buildings has, in the past, meant ugly surface wiring or
damage to decorations caused by the installation of concealed wiring.


User friendly application via LCD display
  Radio controlled panel utilising unique encoding in the ISM band (433 MHz) to connect up to 100 radio detection devices
  Extension of the 100M LOS operating distance via radio wireless repeaters
  Internal battery back-up
  Programmable alarm relays
  Loop 3000 connection via IOM 3311
  Bi-directional radio control and alarm functions
  Integrated power supply for 230 V connection
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